Vipasana – MI centers will be open from 4 pm to 7 pm on weekdays and will provide free after school primary education support for primary school children in the locality.

Teachers who have undergone UPASANA teacher training program will run these centres

What’s special about VIPASANA ?

A typical VIPASANA centre will train about 150-300 primary school children post school hours in their school lessons using Multiple Intelligences methodology.

This effective methodology ensures registry, retention and recall of information at ease for children. Children enjoy the process of learning since the sessions are a mix of games, activities, role plays, projects, games and  do-it- yourself activities. The methodology not only focuses on the primary education academic inputs but builds a stronger, confident individual capable of facing the challenges of life.

Vipasana program has three purposes

What Do We Offer?

We offer teacher training for a period of 4 months and there after a two month on the job training at one of our Vipasana centre.

The training will cover necessary objectives of the primary level, which is classes 1-5

The training will orient you, on the various teaching methodology and classroom management strategies by experts in the education sector.

We will issue you a certificate of acknowledgment after successfully completing the course.

The training will be at NO COST.

Who are we looking for?

Passionate women who want to make a change.

Educated women with strong will and willing to come out of their comfort zone.

We are looking for stay at home moms who have time and are looking to make a difference. Also fresh graduates who are looking for an income generating avenue.

Preferred Minimum requirement of an U.G degree.

Post Training Benefits