UPASANA- Teacher Training Programme

UPASANA- Teacher Training Programme

Education is one of the biggest Game Changers. SMF’s teacher training program UPASANA  has the power to transform every passionate individual into an Ace teacher.

What’s special about UPASANA ?

It is a program which works on the physical, conceptual, cognitive, emotional and social skills of prospective teachers. The program is designed in such a way that trainees get trained on student psychology, academic inputs on the conceptual framework of the primary school syllabus and contemporary international teaching methodologies. This six month program has been designed and will be delivered by senior academicians, curriculum experts, trainers, psychologists and international Yoga masters.

Three pronged objectives of UPASANA initiative

What Do We Offer?


  • Online training for 250 to 320 hours
  • Two month on the job training at one of our Vipasana centers.


  • Training on Primary School curriculum i.e Grade 1 to 5.
  • Special training on English Language Skills.
  • Structured training on Value Education and patriotism.


  • Training in state of art methodologies.
  • We use Multiple Intelligence to teach them.
  • We teach Classroom management strategies by experts in the education sector.


  • MI teacher training  certificate will be provided after successfully completing the course.


  • The training  will be at NO COST.

Who are we looking for?


  • Women who have a passion for teaching
  • Women who like to work with kids

educated women

  • Educated Women with strong commitment
  • Women who are willing to come out of their comfort zone

We are looking for stay at home moms who have time and are

  • Stay at home moms who have time and are looking to make a difference.
  • Fresh graduates who are looking for an income generating avenue.

Preferred Minimum requirement

Preferred Minimum requirement of an U.G degree.

Post Training Benefits