Multiple intalligence

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Multiple Intelligence workshop for teachers

Have you ever wondered why your students react in different ways to the activities that you do in the class? Why do some students really enjoy working in groups whilst others are much more productive working alone? Why some students doodle in their note books? The answer is in the theory of multiple intelligences (MI), an evidence-based theory developed by Professor Howard Gardner. MI theory claims that human beings have a number of discrete intellectual capacities. This offers educators a powerful way to address diverse learner profiles.  


  • Understand the principles of Multiple Intelligences theory and how it differs from the traditional definition of intelligence.
  • Recognize and appreciate differing students' strengths and learning differences
  • Apply the principles of the theory of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom
  • Identify the various teaching Strategies that can exercise the different intelligence areas. 
  • Use simple meaningful  activities to engage your students and make learning fun
  • Make the curriculum accessible to all students with all patterns of intelligences
  • Design a lesson plan that incorporates MI principles.
  Duration : 2 days (4 sessions)        

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