Our Vision

We are committed to mainstreaming marginals through innovative education pathways

We believe that Graduate women and primary school children from the lower socio-economic strata of the society who are marginalised should be brought into Mainstream through education and sustainable livelihood.

At Shraddha Maanu Foundation, our focus is to educate primary school children post school hours in an effective, participative and engaging environment. This we accomplish through delivering sessions using Multiple Intelligence and other latest educational methodologies. Our curriculum and methodology attempt to transform syllabus into learning. When the cognitive, analytical, emotional, psychological and social skills are honed through standardised set of activities, games and lessons, children become Independent learners capable of facing the challenges of school and life.

There are thousands of Women who are educated but because of family issues and many other reasons have been confined to the four walls of their house. Some of them lack self-esteem and lead a mundane life. They also would like to have a livelihood of their own which could give them a decent living.

Given an opportunity these women would like to take up a job. We identify such women and train them to become teachers and train children after school hours. What else could be more gratifying than getting trained and training the children!

Developing a strong network of teachers is a hugely scalable model and gives us an opportunity to train thousands of children.

Educational NGO In Chennai

Shraddha Maanu Foundation is a Not-for-profit organization working as an Educational NGO in Chennai. Our organization understands there is a gap in education. And, we are working towards providing equal education for underprivileged children. Our focus is on creating “Happy and Effective classrooms” for the primary school children.

As an Educational NGO organization in Chennai, we believe investing in education for underprivileged children is an investment for the future. We believe that primary education provides the foundation for learning. An effective primary education impacts both children’s social behaviour and intellectual development . It is during the primary education phase that a child gets influenced positively or negatively . Our educational NGO aims to provide a stimulating , positive and effective after-school education for underprivileged children.

Shraddha Maanu Foundation teaches the children using Multiple Intelligence methodology. Multiple Intelligence is an evidence-based theory developed by Professor Howard Gardner. This theory states that each person has different ways of learning and different intelligences they use in their daily lives. We believe that Multiple Intelligence is an effective way of teaching children as it provides a variety of pathways to learning which range from the use of words, numbers, pictures and music, to the importance of social interactions, introspection, physical movement and being in tune with nature.

Our Programs


Education is one of the biggest Game Changers. SMF’s teacher training program UPASANA has the power to transform every passionate individual into an Ace teacher.

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Vipasana – MI centers will be open from 4 pm to 7 pm on weekdays and will provide free after school primary education support for primary school children in the locality.

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Custom Programs

Have you ever wondered why your students react in different ways to the activities that you do in the class? Why do some students really enjoy working in groups whilst others are much

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Why Do We Need To Educate Underprivileged Children?

Educating today’s children is important to create a better and brighter future tomorrow. Education is a powerful tool , that can help break the chains of poverty and unemployment.

There are so many underprivileged children in India who need help with education. Let us help those children get the primary education they deserve. Educate a child today and see the growth tomorrow. Quality Education not only helps them gain academic knowledge but also key life skills to face the world.

Education is crucial for the personal, social and financial development of the state and ourselves. Only with the help of education, is there a chance to escape poverty. The right kind of Education will enhance opportunities for underprivileged children.



The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

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